Asbestos is a dangerous insulation material that may go unnoticed in your home. To get your home tested for asbestos, schedule an asbestos testing appointment Seitz Environmental Inc. today. If Seitz finds asbestos in your home, we are also licensed to provide removal and clean-up services. Our family has been improving the air safety of homes in Lehigh Valley for more than 44 years. We specialize in asbestos testing and abatement, and are certified and legally authorized to handle and dispose of this dangerous material. If you need asbestos removal, are having unexplained respiratory symptoms, or discover unfamiliar wool-like material in your home, contact Seitz Environmental to schedule your asbestos testing appointment today.

  1. What Is Asbestos and Why Is It Harmful?

    Evidence of asbestos use for a variety of purposes goes back a staggering 750,000 years. In the ancient world. asbestos fibers were used as wicks, for mummy preservation, and for fireproofing cloths. Since the Industrial Revolution, the demand for asbestos for insulating pipes and boilers created an industry that would later become ubiquitous in buildings up till only the recent past. When it came…Read More