Mold Removal Services

No matter how water enters your home, getting rid of it properly needs to be your number one priority. When water sits, it creates the perfect environment for mold to grow. In fact, mold can begin to grow in as little as 48 hours after water exposure. If you find mold budding along your walls, growing in your basement, or spreading throughout your kitchen, Seitz Environmental in Lehigh Valley is the team to call.

Mold spores are present just about everywhere, both indoors and out. These spores are microscopic and often do not grow the way you would think. They need moisture to survive and only grow into colonies when exposed to moisture. As a result, we need to address any sources of water or moisture before we begin to remove the mold. Otherwise, it may have an easy time coming back.

Our mold removal experts will perform a thorough investigation of your property to find the likely cause of your mold problem. Our mold inspection will survey your property from top to bottom, then fixing the root of your mold problem to help ensure that it won’t grow back.

Once we eliminate all mold in your home, we’ll discuss methods to prevent further growth. From keeping your indoor humidity below 45 percent to using exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens, we have a variety of tips or tricks you can use to protect your property moving forward.

Since 1975, Seitz Environmental Inc. has provided mold remediation services to those who need it most. Our professionally trained technicians quickly survey the scene and take action to mitigate any mold or mildew. We guarantee 100-percent customer satisfaction with all of our mold removal services, so if you are unsatisfied with our work, let us know. We will return and ensure you get the results you deserve.

If you’re looking for the best mold removal in Lehigh Valley, then Seitz Environmental is the company for you. Our top-rated mold removal company is ready to help you or your company. If you need mold remediation in Lehigh Valley or the surrounding areas, then contact Seitz Environmental to schedule your mold inspection today.

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Asbestos Removal Services

Asbestos has been commonly used for thermal insulation, fire proofing, electrical insulation, building materials, and even brake linings. However, as it is used, the fibers that make up asbestos begin to split and break down into smaller parts, eventually becoming microscopic. These fibers become so small that they can remain airborne and even pass through our natural respiratory dust defenses. This is why airborne asbestos is such an issue.

As licensed and accredited experts in asbestos abatement, we take extra precautions to ensure a thoroughly safe and asbestos-free home environment. As a cancer-causing substance, asbestos is a major health concern. However, it can take up to 40 years to show any symptoms. Even if you feel you don’t have any symptoms, it’s important to take action now.

The state of Pennsylvania requires the removal, collection, and disposal of asbestos to be regulated by the DEP, allowing only those who are legally authorized to remove the asbestos to work on these projects. At Seitz Environmental, our team is certified and legally authorized to handle these concerns as professional asbestos removers. If you need asbestos testing or asbestos removal in Lehigh Valley, then contact Seitz Environmental to schedule an appointment today.

We believe in offering the best possible results for our clients, and that includes a 100-percent customer satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the results of our services, we’ll return and finish the job to your standards. For the past 44 years, our family has proudly been serving the residents of Pennsylvania as they work to make their homes safer. Contact us now to see what we can do for you.

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