From defective crawl spaces to leaky basements, moisture can ruin a foundation quickly if it isn’t taken care of. Fortunately for the residents of Pennsylvania, we are waterproofing professionals. The right waterproof service can make a world of difference to your home’s foundation, and we’d be happy to teach you the importance of keeping both your basement and your crawl spaces free of moisture. To put it simply, we offer a means to a healthier home.

At Seitz Environmental in Lehigh Valley, we believe in treating every home as if it were our own. If you have issues with damp conditions in your home, give us a call. We’ll provide a consultation that answers any questions you may have, as well as outline the function of each of our tasks. From start to finish, we keep you informed and confident every step of the way. With professional waterproofing services from Seitz Environmental, our home is in great hands, so get in touch today to get started.

Since 1975, we’ve proudly provided services ranging from radon detection to home waterproofing. As a family-operated business, we believe in doing the right thing to help you feel safe in your home. From educating you throughout the whole process to making sure you are entirely satisfied with the results, we offer a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee on all our projects. Contact us now to schedule your first service with our team.

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Basement Waterproofing

Water tends to find the path of least resistance, allowing it to seep through cracks in walls and under the footer of your home. Once water finds its way into your home, you’ll need to address several issues and key areas all at once. After all, if you repair one area while ignoring the other problem regions, the water is likely to come back and continue to damage your home. Water damage can lead to:

  • The destruction of prized possessions
  • Structural foundation damage
  • Foundation instability
  • Bowing, cracking, or compressed basement walls
  • Mold
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Damaged furnaces and appliances

If left unaddressed, these issues will only get worse. As soon as you notice moisture in your basement, give the professionals a call.

At Seitz Environmental Inc., we believe in treating every home as if it were our own. From the initial consultation to the final clean, we get the job done with careful precision and a customer-first attitude. We offer a 100-percent customer satisfaction guarantee with our lifetime warranty. Since 1975, we’ve happily served residents of Pennsylvania as they seek to protect their homes. Contact us to schedule professional basement waterproofing from the experts at Seitz Environmental today.

Crawl Space Waterproofing

Many Pennsylvania homes have exposed earth beneath them, which can lead to serious issues regarding the home’s integrity, the home’s value, and the health of your family. We commonly see the following when crawl spaces have been improperly constructed:

  • Poor structural support
  • Deteriorating wood
  • Moisture problems that lead to mold or mildew
  • Rodent and insect infestations

Of course, the proper care and updating of your crawl spaces can prevent these issues.

At Seitz Environmental Inc., we believe in doing all we can to ensure you feel safe in your home. Other companies may offer a small part of the solution, but we know that can lead to additional damage down the road. We have developed our own five-part crawlspace rehab system that addresses all possible issues.

  1. We install professional dehumidifiers to extract moisture from the air in order to condition the space.
  2. We design a personalized drainage system in order to direct the water from your home
  3. We install the sealer, which is designed to permanently separate your home from the ground underneath.
  4. We install  insulation to the crawlspace walls to better condition the area.

Our system is the surest way of creating a safe and sound structure along with a cleaner environment, both underneath and inside your home. Protect the health of your family, increase the value of your home, and keep pests out with the help of our team. Contact Seitz Environmental today to learn more about our crawl space waterproofing services.

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