Mold in your house can lead to a number of health symptoms. From congestion and difficulty breathing to a runny nose and throat irritation, mold can have a significant impact on your respiratory health. A profusion of mold in your house can ruin your health, as well as the actual building! The process of removing mold from your house can be a do-it-yourself project, but for best results, and in more serious cases of mold infestation, it’s a good idea to hire an expert. At Seitz Environmental Inc in Tamaqua, we have the tools and the wherewithal to mitigate even the moldiest of homes. Call us today to schedule a mold inspection of your home!

Step 1: Identify the Severity of Your Mold Infestation

Depending on the severity of mold infestation you have in your home, the more or less extreme the cleanup will need to be. First off, if you have a high concentration of mold, you would likely be able to smell it. Mold can be visible to the naked eye, but tests can also be run to find mold that is less visible. If mold has been growing in your home for a long time, there may also be signs of rot on the wood in and around your house. Scheduling a mold inspection of your home is a good first step in taking on a mold infestation.

Step 2: Mold Removal

Cleaning up a mold infestation as soon as possible, before it gets even worse, is crucial for your health and home. You can scrub away mold with bleach in areas like bathrooms and decks, but often mold grows in places where it’s difficult to find. To really address your mold infestation, a more thorough approach may be called for. Things like removing moldy carpet, analyzing the insulation in your walls for mold, and identifying mold growing in other hidden places will make a big difference.

At Seitz Environmental Inc., our team is prepared to help make your mold removal as effective and all-encompassing as possible. We have the tools and the experience to thoroughly remove the mold in your home. Once we identify the severity of your mold infestation with a mold inspection, we can begin our deep-cleaning of your home, including the cleaning of all the hidden places that mold likes to grow. We will clean your carpets, walls, drywall, and more. Everywhere we find mold, we will work hard to evict it. Say farewell to mold and mildew and hello to a fresher, cleaner home!

Step 3: Cleanup and Repair

After mold removal has been completed, we will take care of all the cleanup and necessary repairs. For example, we may want to apply sealant after cleaning moldy drywall or we may want to vacuum moldy debris with a wet/dry vacuum. By the end of the mold removal process, your house will be cleaner and less moldy.

Hire a Mold Remediation Company

When it comes to mitigating mold, the process can require a lot of work and special tools. To ensure that your mold removal is as effective as possible, consider hiring Seitz Environmental Inc. to solve your mold remediation needs. Our trained professionals will provide high-quality service at a reasonable price. Contact us now to schedule your mold inspection today!