Did you know that up to half of the houses in the U.S. probably have mold problems?

You may think that you definitely don’t have any mold in your home. But, you’d be surprised by how often mold is discovered hidden away.

That’s because mold isn’t actually visible and easy to spot all of the time. Sometimes, you need to look closer to realize you’ve got a serious mold problem.

But, if you know the important warning signs of mold in your home, you’ll be able to take action before it’s too late. Check out our tips for spotting mold below!

1. When You Can Notice a Moldy Smell

Just because you cannot see any mold, doesn’t mean you don’t have any! After all, seeing mold is hard. But, you can usually smell it!

There are various different kinds of mold. Each has a distinct odor. But, you can usually something musty if you have mold growing in your home.

When you notice an unusual smell in your home, that’s probably the mold. Make sure you inspect to see whether you need to get someone in to take care of it.

2. You Keep Getting Sick

Are you constantly feeling sick when you’re at home? This could be due to a mold problem in your home.

When the mold starts to leak through the walls, this can cause you to experience sickness. You may want to rule everything else out first.

Not sure it’s mold causing you to be sick? Leave home for a few days of vacation. If you’re instantly feeling much better until you return, you know the cause.

Your sickness could also be repeated nosebleeds, a common consequence of living with mold in your home. There are many other ways that mold can damage your health.

When you find that you’re regularly getting headaches or suffering from poor mental health, you might determine that the mold is always at fault.

You need to tackle the mold issue urgently. If not, you could suffer from long-term respiratory problems if you don’t.

3. Water Collects Around Your Home

Everyone’s home is different. But, you might find that there are particular places in your home where pools of water commonly collect.

This could make it especially vulnerable to the development of mold and dampness. If you suspect that this could cause problems for your home, hire an expert to repair the damage.

Has your home ever been flooded? This could make your house weak against mold developing inside the walls.

You need to get an expert to investigate whether your walls have mold growing inside them. Do this, before it’s too late!

Warning Signs of Mold in Your Home

Are you concerned about mold in your home? You need to know the warning signs of mold in your home.

Now you know that when you notice water gathering in a pool or a suspicious smell, you know that you could have mold.

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